You can now PRINT PCBs! Creating a homemade PCB with the Voltera V-One PCB Printer! 

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Voltera V-One PCB Printer on Elektor.com: bit.ly/Voltera-more-information
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In this video I will be testing out the Voltera V-One PCB printer and create a homemade PCB version of one of my older PCB projects in order to find out whether such a PCB printer is a good replacement for proper PCB manufacturers. Along the way we will discover all the advantages and disadvantages such a printer comes with. Let's get started!
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2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats
Killing Time, Kevin MacLeod
0:00 Introduction (Why PCBs are important!)
1:17 Introducing the PCB printer
1:55 Intro
2:42 Unpacking the PCB printer
3:19 Installing the software
3:52 Deciding on an example PCB project
4:21 Drill process
5:48 Printing the top layer
7:35 Printing the bottom layer
8:04 Adding the rivets
8:25 Soldering the components
8:51 Homemade PCB of one of my older projects
10:51 Verdict of the PCB printer

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31. 01. 2021





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2randomcrap3 Před dnem
So this printer is better for institutions than for individuals... makes sense
sc0or Před dnem
So, one day for one PCB? With such speed this is the same as order 10 PCBs and wait 10 days =)
Daite Dve
Daite Dve Před 2 dny
I didn't have chance to "enjoy the video" - I SLEPT!! Impossible to listen such idioticly boring voice with horrible accent!
lmaoo xdd
lmaoo xdd Před 5 dny
How much does this thing costs?
Daite Dve
Daite Dve Před 2 dny
What video did you see???? He shown the price.
travis Před 5 dny
3 hours for a very simple pcb :/
EZ Z Před 6 dny
$5K for a tiny PCB printer that can't even do layered boards?
rager trolling korea음경
Not only is this thing ridiculously expensive for what it does, the required software appears to be closed source and winblows-only.
Daite Dve
Daite Dve Před 2 dny
What's the problem with Windows? Are you of those outsiders "think different"??? :)))))
ArloC Před 7 dny
so you can basically print your own PC at this point... kinda
Иванов Иван
junk.If you don't wan't to wait-heat transfer and etching.If you have several hours,milling.But if you want normal vias,foget for diy PCB
Pet Vet
Pet Vet Před 9 dny
In your video at 8:21min you use some kind of rivet tool to insert the via rivets. Do you have a link for it where you bought it?
Baylie ϟymms
Baylie ϟymms Před 9 dny
It doesn’t look like it has the same durability as normal boards
Avinash Kumar
Avinash Kumar Před 10 dny
11:31 it was good that you were aware that you were being negative and ended it with positive note🤟🏼
Jindrich Vidensky
Jindrich Vidensky Před 10 dny
Is there some more complicated way, how to make a PCB?
Darknessblade Před 11 dny
how about using one of those cheap CNC machines from china, and try to CNC your own PCB's with a cheapo CNC. See how much it holds up to this pcb-printer
Mick pyngrope
Mick pyngrope Před 12 dny
Sir i recommend you to create a video on electornic component tutorial........
Mi Dixie Wrecked
Mi Dixie Wrecked Před 13 dny
His English is so blah
Zhiqiang Zhou
Zhiqiang Zhou Před 13 dny
Well, in Germany it may takes a week for you to get a custom designed PCB. But here in China, especially Shenzhen, it takes as fast as within 24 hours and the price is extremely cheap. Like $5 for 10 pieces if you want it urgently. Courier service is also fast, it takes 1 day within the same province and 2-3 days throughout the country. So it just takes less time for us buying PCB from factories than building them by ourselves, plus it's way cheaper. Actually nice video actually, I guess Elektor might regrated sending it to you now :)
Dominic Yu
Dominic Yu Před 13 dny
hopefully soon we can print Semiconductors at home
Ikannuna Plays
Ikannuna Plays Před 14 dny
I mean PCB literally means Printed ..... Circuit ....... Board..., so yeah we have been "Printing" PCB's for a really long time. IC's/CPU's are created via lithography and very much like how we print T-Shirts, so they are "PRINTED" also
Robert Tso
Robert Tso Před 15 dny
Very nice and objective evaluation! I agree, it makes sense for anyone or any business that MUST have pcb done in a few hours. For us hobbyists, we can wait a week and get solder mask and tons of vias, without having to punch rivets.
vishal Raj
vishal Raj Před 16 dny
Hello brother ans for comment I want to convert 50 watt 8 solar panel voltage to ac
robotmad Před 17 dny
I use a laser-jet to print artwork to photopaper then use a domestic iron to iron on artwork to copper clad board, excellent resolution and never fails.
Maksim Poklonov
Maksim Poklonov Před 18 dny
Какая то геморная технология. Как по мне для прототипирования лучше сосредоточиться на фрезеровании.
Paulo Jose Castro
Paulo Jose Castro Před 19 dny
get bread slaps some wires in it, bam instant pcb
Dark Cognitive
Dark Cognitive Před 21 dnem
4 Grand, for a unreliable job. No thanks! It’s basically a glorified 3D printer. I don’t know how they can charge that huge amount for it, it would be possible to make your own one for 1\8th of the price, assuming you could get a hold of the ink extruder.
Leslie Rhorer
Leslie Rhorer Před 22 dny
One of the biggest issues I have is the very limited via treatment. This only supports two hole sizes, and does not support irregularly shaped holes. Lots of my designs require irregularly shaped or large plated-through holes.
BOBY Před 23 dny
...and the printed board look is very ugly...
Pro Tip
Pro Tip Před 24 dny
Dislike for in-video ads
keun2009 Před 24 dny
Con lo que cuesta esa cosa, me canso de mandar hacer plaquetas....
Will Hughes
Will Hughes Před 26 dny
Friendship with JLCPCB ended, Elektor is my new best friend
3D Werk 44
3D Werk 44 Před 26 dny
could u do an simple led on/off dimmer with variable timings? :)
matt Před 27 dny
should have been diy or buy
Waya Hedia
Waya Hedia Před 27 dny
What is the sacrificial layer?
NAFFER Před 27 dny
I want it - make some own Retropie console Handhelds :P its like a wet dream
Kumar Ksitij
Kumar Ksitij Před 28 dny
One day you can print resistors capacitors inductors
HesaOfficial Před 28 dny
@GreatScott i would love to see you doing something like this: www.lamja.com/?p=635
Lazy Bunny Kiera
Lazy Bunny Kiera Před 29 dny
This is in no way better than DIY UV PCB design. The only thing this has going for it is the drill. Those wondering, the UV method is you get pcbs with mask over copper. You print either directly on the board or on clear plastic sheet "over head projector printer *paper*" and expose it to UV Everything under the ink remains, but the solder mask exposed to UV degrades and you can wash it off, somethings needing a light acid. Now you have exposed copper for everything you want to Remove. leaving only covered/masked traces behind. Then you put the boards in a stronger acid bath, it eats away all the copper not protected by solder mask. Take them out, wash them off. and you have clean boards with clean copper traces. Then you use a fiberglass scratch pen* to uncover the solder points of the traces. You have to drill the holes yourself using a dremel but dremel the company sells a bench press called the "Dremel 220-01 WorkStation" And you're done. You can get the 2 sided via pieces and the hammer tool online. An alternative to the fiberglass scratch pen is a very fine tip UV light pen. It's essentially a UV LED that you place up against the board, it has a shroud so it doesn't leak UV light and you just put the LED right over the part of the trace you want to expose, then you use water or the light acid from before to remove the mask.(depending on which boards you use) This setup, costs around $50-60. Most of the cost is in the UV bed, which most people will use a UV nail (finger nail salon) curing thing. The acids are fairly cheap, the clear printer "paper" is fairly cheap, the PCBs are kind of expensive as they are specialty PCBs but still WAY TF cheaper than even the ink for this V-One printer. And there's LOTs of tutorials online of how to do this. Infact the most expensive thing.. is black ink for your overpriced inkjet printer. which btw you should use a laser printer. The one that uses toner for these. You can even draw traces using a sharpie marker. (though there are better markers for this) The marker can protect the solder mask from UV.
Ten Minute Tokyo 2
Ten Minute Tokyo 2 Před 29 dny
That’s awesome dood.
Titan info channel
Titan info channel Před 29 dny
No money to buy 😕
Ω Před 29 dny
“For me, who just creates silly CSshows videos [...]” I wonder if GreatScott! knows just how life altering and helpful these videos are? I have learned a lot from them!
Walter Engler
Walter Engler Před měsícem
Look at it this way. They have printers now creating PCB's and working with milling/printing metal and printing multiple types of materials (not just plastics). The entire thing is becoming more and more a printing process. No combine printing with AI and the ability to print PCB's and presto, AI's no longer really need us once they get advanced enough. Just enough big printers and everything they need can be milled and processed with automated machines including replacement parts. Ah .. karma.
Penurious Sierra
Penurious Sierra Před měsícem
My university has this! Though last time I checked, nobody uses it because the consumables cost $$$$.
ColonelXZ Před měsícem
Cool. Will you do a Diy or buy video on this?
Todd Bellows
Todd Bellows Před měsícem
Etching would be easier than this. And cheaper.
HPD1171 Před měsícem
now if only there was a way to get parts from digikey next day without an automated email saying it was delayed because covid.
Benjamin McLean
Benjamin McLean Před měsícem
Fascinating! Being able to create your own PCBs at home has been a nerd dream since at least the 1970s
NightRunner417 Před měsícem
I really like that this sort of thing is in development and I'm sure that someday it'll be affordable and as effective as etched or routed copper. That said, this is not that someday, and other simpler methods still win out even for those of us that are strictly DIY all the way. I use a method I found on the Internet, which is to print the art onto typical magazine or photo paper, but instead of ironing, wet the art with a mix of isopropyl and acetone, and then press it hard to the very thoroughly cleaned copper. It works just like ironing but doesn't need heat at all. Let it sit for a bit to gas out, then just rinse and peel like always, and etch the result in HCl + H2O2. Very easy, very effective.
itai arbel
itai arbel Před měsícem
waste of money, it's literately takes 10 minutes and 2$ to etch a double side pcb at home... it would be a much better product if it was laser cutting the design and the via holes fast on the spot, no ink, no curing, and you only needed to punch the vias at the end...
Viper Před měsícem
Basically my yearly salary lmao
Song Verse
Song Verse Před měsícem
Man...never say u are making silly youtube videos..you are creating the most valuable videos
A3Kr0n Před měsícem
PCBs are so cheap to have made it doesn't make sense to buy this.
ILLEGAL GAMER Před měsícem
Now I can finally make my own RTX 3090 TI
Anuja Nimesh
Anuja Nimesh Před měsícem
it takes more than a month for a PCB arrive for me (i'm in sri lanka)
God Slayer
God Slayer Před měsícem
You are terrible at soldering.
peteb2 Před měsícem
Looks like a seriously well designed machine but way out of the ability to be “invested in” by even a large company! I personally have 100% fantastic results using the toner method & a modified thermal laminator. Double side boards also but I have to solder in a “via wire” . It takes under 30mins to make a small prototype board ready for soldering from the minute I printout the laser printer mask. I use 1205 SMD but smaller is possible with microscope and this reduces the amount of drilling for vias, mounting holes or through hole parts. Personally it’s a winner considering I do it all at home & verifies a layout that I may later have made properly by mailorder PCB production company.
jacksos101 Před měsícem
What's a ve-arse?
Garrison Robbie
Garrison Robbie Před měsícem
The future of consumer PCB manufacturing is with thin film(s) and silver ink, stack as many layers as you want.
A Před měsícem
Price/convenience is just too great to make it worthwhile right now. Sure, waiting a week or two for my PCB sucks, but that price is just to high.
Michael O
Michael O Před měsícem
Michael O
Michael O Před měsícem
Laurenz Před měsícem
All the downsides seem to be fixable by more research and scaling of the technology. 3D printing with FDM was also quite niche at first until new research allowed for better and cheaper printing. The same will happen with this technology.
Boring Old White Guy
Boring Old White Guy Před měsícem
I remember watch them demo this a few years ago when it was first in development. They said they had a target price of under $500. I'm guessing they missed their target. Besides the price of the unit the price of the inks will be a major downside. With the price of silver spiking this will only drive the ink prices higher. But this also has the side benefit of making the discarded print actually valuable for silver recovery. Overall it is an interesting concept but I think I will just wait for my own replicator.
techydude Před měsícem
speaking of being negative, not only is the Voltera PCB printer still a long way from being worthwhile and cost-effective, but about a year ago I said your soldering sucks. a year later, it still sucks! those massive blobs on your 2-pin chip-Rs/Cs are horrid! dude, your solder-wire is too thick! FFS get some 0.5mm-diameter or thinner rosin-cored solder-wire!
Cowboy Boots
Cowboy Boots Před měsícem
lol $4200, total rip off. $200 cnc on amazon.
D.plomat Před měsícem
Interesting idea, that could be useful for iterative testing before sending to a pro fab house (JLCPCB) for professionnal finish, if only: -It wouldn't be $4000 -Can this thing do 0.45mm pitch QFN?
Haziq Hafiz
Haziq Hafiz Před měsícem
I want this 😳
Secret Flesh
Secret Flesh Před měsícem
post more videos idol, have a nice day
Scott Machen
Scott Machen Před měsícem
Doesn't PCB stand for Printed Circuit Board? How else *would* you make them besides printing them?
WX Hosting
WX Hosting Před měsícem
This thing needs to be about 1/4 of the price. Looking at the components involved in the unit construction it's clear why the unit isn't cheap (though, there is clearly a hefty margin there that is related to R&D spend). Whomever designed this will likely be in the hole on it forever, as I don't see this product succeeding ~~ though there is clearly money behind it due to all the bips and bops and high end finishing. There are plenty of solutions that use basic cnc or chemical etching to deliver similar results. Add to that the variety of cheap, professionally printed PCB's one can get with rather rapid turn around from China these days --- I just have to wonder, who thought this was a good idea ?
Submitted by Mail
Submitted by Mail Před měsícem
I like your techniques. Can I be your apprentice?
foobar201 Před měsícem
Could this revive the reprap project?
Code With Me
Code With Me Před měsícem
honest review
Martial B.
Martial B. Před měsícem
Who remember the Colinbus milling machines sold by Elektor ? Same start, same end..
y2ksw1 Před měsícem
I think the high price tag is a significant deterrent for a great number of tinkerers. The company could think about metal dust and laser sintering rather than fluid printing, in order to lower the price, other than allowing even finer traces and up to a certain extent, even laser soldering.
deathpony698 Před měsícem
Just use OSHpark if you are in the US, its much faster
Platinum Mastering
Platinum Mastering Před měsícem
you need to use FLUX.. when applying solder
Pete VanDemark
Pete VanDemark Před měsícem
Great idea but looks like an expensive inconvenience.
conicEllipse Před měsícem
Very cool concept!
Peter Toth
Peter Toth Před měsícem
Nice toy....too expensive for me, when I can get 5 prototype boards for about $20.00 which includes shipping from JLCPCB. Sure, I have to wait a little over a week, but I'm never in that much of a rush.
Rick Pontificates
Rick Pontificates Před měsícem
As a PCB designer, I’d make the investment if I could do larger, high density, even inner layer boards. But it can’t do any of that. This is only suitable for HOBBYISTS and the $4100 price tag is out of range for a hobbyist. Wanna build a one-off circuit? USE A BREADBOARD INSTEAD
Aytac Gul
Aytac Gul Před měsícem
And your soldering skill still ugly. :D
Eier Před měsícem
(sees price tag) Nevermind, breadboard it is
Sören Schmitt
Sören Schmitt Před měsícem
Where do i get the rtx 3090 blueprint
James Kuberski
James Kuberski Před měsícem
Or you could get a pocket nc and just order the pcbs.
J Script
J Script Před měsícem
Dang, they didn't even let you keep it?
electronman32k Před měsícem
cool idea though $3000 !! you can buy a cnc router that does pcb's for about 200
A M Před měsícem
Is this a synthetic voiceover video? it is most annoying to hear a pitch change at the end of a statement. I am hearing more and more video's do this. And if it is, why the foriegn accent? And its still easier to wait a week and go do something else in the mean time. Maybe design a few breakout boards for those hard to solder parts before you start designing.
Pol Via Ortega
Pol Via Ortega Před měsícem
To me it looks like it doesn't offer any advantage compared to home etching. I can etch pretty complicated PCBs at home, with two layers and then install riveted vias. This ink seems that it will not stick to the PCB that much, the soldering doesn't seem to flow to the ink well enough and there is no soldermask. So basically the same quality than homemade etching but for 4000€... I guess the technology is not ready yet, but surely will be in the future.
magicstix0r Před měsícem
"You can now print PCBs at home! It just takes a $4200 printer!"
roberto48404 Před měsícem
you should practice soldering !!!
Rixtronix LAB
Rixtronix LAB Před měsícem
Well explained, cool information,thanks :)
tasmedic Před měsícem
It's a very clever piece of equipment. I do think that it needs a bit of retraction adjustment on the nozzle though, judging by the blobs of solder paste at the ends of the tracks!
New Zealand
New Zealand Před měsícem
"But for me, who creates silly youtube videos, I will need professional equipment"
Serzh ES1LL
Serzh ES1LL Před měsícem
For the $4199.98 I can buy a half of fabrics in China, platinum membership or tons of PCB with free shipping. Interesting idea, not price. Cheers.
Charles Hines
Charles Hines Před měsícem
it seems milling or etching a board would probably be better for some things.
Louis Mamakos
Louis Mamakos Před měsícem
So Much Solder!
Matteo Matteo
Matteo Matteo Před měsícem
"Home made" pcb with a 4000€ pcb printer 😐
eek Před měsícem
i would love to have one of these.
Kindanyume .Kindanyume
Kindanyume .Kindanyume Před měsícem
la la la this looks fun la la HOLY FUCK THE PRICE IS WHHHHAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT??????? fuck no I"ii order pcbs in solid GOLD and have them FEDEX'd next day and save 95% of that !!
The world's worst video card?
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