Random/Unscripted Q&A #5 

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1. 09. 2019





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Leo Marco
Leo Marco Před 3 měsíci
I studied electronics many years ago but career choice don't always align. Watching your videos my friend has re-rejuvenated those interests. I'm starting with building my own CNC system to assist with my woodworking hobby. Keep up the fantastic work. Very inspiring.
EinNicer Nutzer
EinNicer Nutzer Před 4 měsíci
where is Q&A&C and is there a Q&D&C
Tanmaya Prasad Mangaraj
Tanmaya Prasad Mangaraj Před 5 měsíci
Hey, what is the self that is in your back called? It has many slots and i need it.
maxhouseman Před 6 měsíci
Bypass capacitors: look at the application sheets of the manufacturer of the IC. There are recommendations for the capacitors directly from the developers.
Sharanya Mitra
Sharanya Mitra Před 7 měsíci
Germany is land of great people
Tom O'Neill
Tom O'Neill Před 10 měsíci
G'day matey, just have to this the best CSshows channel I watch by far! This past 2 years I've plunged into the hobbyist heat of beginners electronics and software development - with every episode of 'STAY CREATIVE' you show the modern wave of electronic technologies, with all resourceful, necessary informations needed. Plus each project/subject is very well presented! Has made a my journey a much more enjoyable experience anyways and had to says thanks heaps Mate!
gfodale Před 10 měsíci
PCB Design Software: KiCad. Open source. Works on Linux, Windows, and Apple. Now being used by commercial engineers. DigiKey maintains an additional library of parts they sell with schematic symbols and footprints.
Vincent Guttmann
Vincent Guttmann Před 11 měsíci
He's definitely a German. That "em" is genuinely German, if he was English, he would use fillers like "well"
Learn Lead Create
Learn Lead Create Před 11 měsíci
Love your videos , i'm learning from you a lot.
Soumen Samanta
Soumen Samanta Před 11 měsíci
Vai tui roga hoye giyachis.. Aktu khaoya daoyar dika lokho rak..
S M Před rokem
you are beautiful
Wunderwaffe YT
Wunderwaffe YT Před rokem
0:35 oh! it's okay man. There's a typhoon here so it's fine
Sushrut Phutane
Sushrut Phutane Před rokem
Can you make a tutorial video on Mit App Inventer?
AG112 VIDEOS Před rokem
I plan to make an LED light in the shape of my "AG112" logo (-It is the logo in my channel wallpaper, intro, outro, and PFP). Do you think that is a good project to start with? I know it is relatively easy to make without a microcontroller. I would also imagine it would be most likely a 0 hour project, at worst, a 1 hour project.
Nis 3r
Nis 3r Před rokem
You seem like a legit guy and not some dick taking advantage of people! Haters gonna hate if your doing your best screw them! :D
cwbh10 Před rokem
Being an English speaker, I've always found the ie vs. ei super hard to remember (much easier in German! which I study as well as electronics), bit embarrassing I messed up Andreas' name ahah
CandyGramForMongo Před rokem
The face never matches the voice. Lol!
Kingi Před rokem
I just cant stop wondering how long your (todo list) actually is:)
Rina Hanigame
Rina Hanigame Před rokem
Ash j
Ash j Před rokem
I thought you were Japanese ,") "however THANKS im just getting into EE an you have trained me well
Michael Boot
Michael Boot Před 9 měsíci
Ash j i thought he’s german based on his accent
sooraj s
sooraj s Před rokem
are you captain america
Theunis Potgieter
Theunis Potgieter Před rokem
Could you do a DIY or BUY: ultrasonic LPG cylinder level sensor?
lZ2& Před rokem
From the LED Cube 8x8x8 Program Demo video 5yrs ago where I sub to your channel to the 5 QnA.. You have come a long way my friend and keep up the hard work sir.
Gershom G
Gershom G Před rokem
Hi, I am a newbie and had been watching your channel specially your arduino tutorials/projects.. Can u show me how to code a sketch - sending/receiving a logic state via bluetooth between 2 arduinos? Thanks in advance and more power
EireTec Před rokem
What is the notebook he is holding in the thumbnail. Looks interesting
MP-Tuners Productions
Did you lost some weight?
david sdavids
david sdavids Před rokem
have you ever considered the traits of a large radius (bldc) outrunner. see an e-bike motor and f&p motor. these motors are, typically, NOT loaded, efficiently. the motors are loaded such that they delivery a nominal result, within form-factor limits. such a motor has a LOT of INHERENT MA, in the Large radius of its rotor. see multi-pole 3-phase bldc outrunners. imo, a purpose-designed large-radius bldc outrunner motor would be a good thing. the purpose. see my ou research, if interested. googletranslate www.fisherpaykeltechnologies.com/products/direct-drive-motors/ blog.e-bikerig.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/gearless-bike-hub-motor.jpg paramotor electric motor; bldc outrunner alienpowersystem.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/pic9-FILEminimizer.jpg
GM electronics althu althaf
Arduino cod plees standing sir am wery interested
GM electronics althu althaf
You plees helping programming sir am intrested
The PRO 1
The PRO 1 Před rokem
RUDI Benjamin
RUDI Benjamin Před rokem
Does quick copper work with jlcpcb
TCircuitry Před rokem
Lasertag DIY or BUY I feel would be an amazing episode.
Athrun Zala
Athrun Zala Před rokem
when technical videos exceed 1 hour they become uninteresting. when it's silly kardashians then 10 minutes is the max !! XD forget about youtube guidelines
monkeymanstones1 Před rokem
If you build a vacuum tube amplifier you should give extreme consideration to making it a high quality product. By this I mean Class A design, power Transformer in a separate housing (to prevent vibration, EMI & other noise from passing to any audio circuit), dual monoblock with extremely high output tubes such as 6550's would be ideal. Heck, I'd happily pay for such a board if many thin copper (Silver would be ideal as Audio benefits tremendously by the use of Ag in the audio circuits) audio pathways for each connection was present (otherwise the circuit path is sacrificed by the atoms within not being able to pass electrons due to their being shared with the atoms surrounding each - but on the outside the atoms are free to move electrons - AKA "Skin Effect"). May take a while to develop a quality, fully functional board (dual monoblock! Dual monoblock, please!) but I'd be happy to finally be able to build a Class A tube amp as a result. Cheers, David
Rilum Osmanaj
Rilum Osmanaj Před rokem
Hi there 👦👋! And Welcome! Peace!
UNBelievable And UNExpected
Can a pond filled up of acid be used as a lead acid battery to story thunderstorm electricity...???
paolo galetti
paolo galetti Před rokem
Which model of Multimeter would you recommend for a student of Informatic engineering?
Alexander Nevsky
Alexander Nevsky Před rokem
Have you ever tried to make the android oscilloscope? I tried making one and I wasn't able to make it work. I put a short video about it on my channel. If you're able to, please watch it and give me some advice if you can. Thank you very much.
don berisha
don berisha Před rokem
Hey, Big Fan here Can you make a video about (Hydrogen) fuel cells ?
MulmVerbot Před rokem
AlaparaisSss FuNs
AlaparaisSss FuNs Před rokem
Will you teach about selection of components in mouser or digikey, mainly related to EMI and EMC
Creative Projects
Creative Projects Před rokem
Please make a video on memoristor
Terry C.
Terry C. Před rokem
This is the first video of yours I have seen like this. Very interesting. Nice to put a face with the voice. I think I have seen your face in another video though.
Sasidhar. Jaldu
Sasidhar. Jaldu Před rokem
Brother I am an ECE (electronic and communication) student.i want to know how you are building circuits .I am very curated about your videos but I also want to build like you brother but I don't even understanding how does a comparator,op amps,555 timer working i want to understand anything in keen.so brother please tell how to understand any component, circuit.please suggest me a book.i am second year student still running out of time only two years left o want build Circuit like you.please brother suggest me some books where I can get those components knowledge and there working
Robert Shippey
Robert Shippey Před rokem
I think I say this every time, but you always look so different each time you do these videos. Always good though.
bob smith
bob smith Před rokem
His name is jack sparrow
Platin 21
Platin 21 Před rokem
I would like to see more PCB design I'm somewhat lost there 😃
B12 Virus
B12 Virus Před rokem
i am always like you. love from India
Justin Drentlaw
Justin Drentlaw Před rokem
"Hi, this is ̶P̶e̶w̶D̶i̶e̶P̶i̶e̶ GreatScott and welcome to my Q&A video!"
Dan Z
Dan Z Před rokem
You should create a video class on udemy teachings 1 basic thing like (how to read and make schematics) or (how to build a simple chip). I've been on Udemy all day looking for good VERY BASIC electronics videos and they are either WAY TO ADVANCED or so poorly done i can't understand anything. And NO ONE covers basics like how to read and make schematics, like those you make on your videos ALL THE TIME! THEN I FOUND YOU and your amazing videos. You are so great at teaching these things and making simple videos that i figured that would give you more chances to make more money. Id buy your classes!
Harlyn Camacho
Harlyn Camacho Před rokem
Sir make a nice metal detector pls ...
Can you please tell that is it possible to get the arduino code which is uploaded on our board to our laptop ?
Çağatay Yiğit Şahin
I'm not sure but I don't think that is possible since Arduino code is compiled before being uploaded to the board.
M Vijay Kumar
M Vijay Kumar Před rokem
Please make a video on SMPC type power supply and Inverter
migsven surfing
migsven surfing Před rokem
Look up Voltlog here on YT he has some very good ones.
MGfails Před rokem
36:29 when you will finish the quadcopter project? I mean how much you are done(half, almost done etc.)
ScinnerNo1 Před rokem
I´d love the "Over powerfull stuff" idea. Perhaps a DIY or BUY 100-200A Lithium charger? ;) Lithium storage is the FUTURE!! Thx Scott!
Reed 0135
Reed 0135 Před rokem
If you ever feel like you needed some help with the quadcopter project you could always ask because me and my brother is building one from the ground up. Like every single bit from the esc to the flight controller and we are starting to send images to a phone and stuff. So just throw questions at us and we are likely be able to help out. Dont ever give up :D
ROHAN PAWAR Před rokem
Do you watch electrboom
Gamar Jigar
Gamar Jigar Před rokem
Helo sir what circuit project 5th smear સેમિસ્ટર પ્રોજેક્ટ details ideas સેમેસ્ટ
Mito Luil
Mito Luil Před rokem
mach doch mal bitte ein deutschsprachiges Video...
Just WoodWork
Just WoodWork Před rokem
Where you got these boxes on your wall?
Shivam Vaid
Shivam Vaid Před rokem
You and atomic shrimp should go out for a drink. I really think you guys will be the best of friends.
Andrew Aberle
Andrew Aberle Před rokem
I just realized Scott looks like John Krasinski's mirror universe counterpart
Jonas Před rokem
It's Andreas Spiess!
game and electronic
Electronic basic TLC5940N
Victor Bratu
Victor Bratu Před rokem
9:30 playing from one source on 2 different wireless speakers is possible from Bluetooth 5.0 , but only on samsung devices
rrace2 Před rokem
I always pictured you as a big bald Danish guy with glasses and small chin beard... this does not fit. Good videos though.
Amne Sie
Amne Sie Před rokem
Du bist so sympathisch! Danke für so viele nette Videos von dir!
Martin Rocket
Martin Rocket Před rokem
Why not using LoRaWan/The Things Network to connect your garage?
d3rbastl3r Před rokem
Hi, would you like to create a video of separation of hydrogen and oxygen with high voltage pulses? The pure hydrogen can finally used for welding, melting, heating your garage, boiling water, ...? :D
Arkadio BRO
Arkadio BRO Před rokem
take a stupid ting like a button powered led and make it ask humanly complex as you can XD
CA. Bohol
CA. Bohol Před rokem
Niraj Borole
Niraj Borole Před rokem
How about pc,the motherboard which are useless due to certain reasons😅
Ishwor Shrestha
Ishwor Shrestha Před rokem
Your English tone have improved soooo much😀😀😁😁
Khurram Shahzad
Khurram Shahzad Před rokem
i want you make the project 1inch oled lcd make a mp4 and plug and play memery card and usb.please.
Khurram Shahzad
Khurram Shahzad Před rokem
i am first time seee your face.when you make the videos but only show only your hand and pen and voice and paper hahahahaha i like your voice but you dont any make projects pcb and all compunet pdf deatils
e-lab innovations
e-lab innovations Před rokem
Please compare these three libraries Adafruit SSD1306, U8g2lib and U8g2_for_Adafruit_GFX
VasChannel Před rokem
Really love you channel, and especially thanks to you electronics basics playlist. Чекните мой канал, русскоязычная аудитория.
Francesco Caccavo
Francesco Caccavo Před rokem
Omg you have a face! 😂
evilcanofdrpepper Před rokem
Wow, I thought he was Asian just hearing his voice and accent!!! I didn't notice asian and scotish accents had any similarities at all. Anyone else make that mistake?
489michael Před rokem
You have a very peculiar voice. Its great for videos
Paul Carpenter
Paul Carpenter Před rokem
Rocking the new beard/tash combo!
Balázs Kelemen
Balázs Kelemen Před rokem
For quad-copter videos I recommend "Joop Brokking" channel. As he built an STM32 (Arduino) based quad-copter from scratch. (And of course Tom Stanton makes great flight videos.)
Tarek Dinaji
Tarek Dinaji Před rokem
Are you suffering Hypothyroidism? Your eye-brow looks thinner, especially the third of the eyebrow.
Smeegle Před rokem
5:04 *looks at video time* *Laughs in having nothing better to do*
Praveen P
Praveen P Před rokem
Make a video about RTC (Real Time Clock), and how to use it with a MCU.
YouTube YouTube
YouTube YouTube Před rokem
Are master in mathematics also ?????????????????????
Adit Agrawal
Adit Agrawal Před rokem
I am a big fan
Nagesh Nagansur
Nagesh Nagansur Před rokem
Nagesh Nagansur
Nagesh Nagansur Před rokem
Nagesh Nagansur
Nagesh Nagansur Před rokem
cwbh10 Před rokem
Thanks so much for answer my question man! Hope ya enjoy your holidays! Sorry I spelt Spiess wrong ooops ahaha
Nagesh Nagansur
Nagesh Nagansur Před rokem
Do Diy on Wireless Solar Powerd water level indicator
No no
No no Před rokem
Look into LoraWAN as an alternative to cellular service.
Capturing Memories
Capturing Memories Před rokem
You look younger than your voice, Glad to see your face finally.
krmax44 Před rokem
You start to look like James from LinusTechTips :D
PikaPool Před 6 měsíci
@Aqua Sama Henry Turner?
Aqua Sama
Aqua Sama Před rokem
He also looks like a character from pirates of the Caribbean
Aqua Sama
Aqua Sama Před rokem
_psst_ that is james *_wink wink_*
Lode Maes
Lode Maes Před rokem
always look forward to your new videos 🙂👍
Zorc Před rokem
I'm trying to learn more about reading and writing schematics can you do a tutorial or recommend a book.
jamie smither
jamie smither Před rokem
Great Scott, Big Clive, Mr Carlson, TPAI, EEV, .........i'm hooked on all you clever fellas!
RomanoProductions Před rokem
Thank you Confucius friend Scott 💟 your DNA is 90% electrons and 10% Chinese, 10% DIY
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